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10 kinds of methods to buy wallpaper

In 1, touch the wallpaper, paper thickness should be consistent, choose the better hand feeling, Ao Tugan strong product;

In 2, PVC plastic. Color variety, scrub resistance, mildew change, aging resistance, not easy to fade, moderate price;

In 3, the wallpaper should no irritating odor, such as smell may well be formaldehyde, vinyl chloride and other volatile substances content is too high;

In 4, the pure paper. No smell, good environmental protection performance, strong air permeability, moisture resistance and water resistance; resistance is poor, can not be cleaned, generally used for the children's room;

In 5, check the existence of surface color, fold, blistering, flowers case is clear, uniform color, should choose good smoothness, color soft coordination wallpaper;

In 6, fabric fiber. Not easy to fade, bending, mildew resistant, flame retardant, sound absorption, no smell, good air permeability, can water wiping;

In 7, different texture, color wallpaper dosage is not the same, to consider the loss problem, buy some for repairing;

In 8, plant fiber. Good texture, non-toxic and tasteless, absorbing moisture, good ventilation, can be scrubbed, high price;

In 9, to buy wallpaper number and batch to be consistent, some of the same number and production date, may have a color effect;

In 10, metal. Good resistance, effect of elegant, commonly used as a special effects small parts using;

In 11, to a piece of wallpaper sample, use wet cloth to wipe the surface, look to whether to fade.

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