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Wall Stickers Wall Painting Wallpaper between where

Wall sticker:
Is a new thing, pattern is more also, local decorative strong, not free to tear away, do not usually need professional personnel construction, the owners can post their own tears, very much in line with the current DIY spirit, for the switch panel, a small area of the decoration is very good. And can often change, the insufficient place because it is industrial product design can not meet the personalized, because that can be torn off, so I posted on the wall firmly enough, not easy to usually take care of. Material for ordinary promptly paste, ornamental and low, not easy to operate (the wall sticking occurs when the fold ), but relatively low price, subject to a part of family love.
The wall painting:
The beginning of the last two years a popular home style. Mainly by hand according to the needs of customers in the wall with special paint color pattern, to achieve a unique personality, art, home style.
The wall painting advantage is that no glue or harmful substances, because the new acrylic paint adhesion is very strong, so no picture cracks volume questions, not afraid of water, mural preservation period is the longest, as long as the surface no problem, generally painted wall can protect 10-15. Completely personalized is its greatest charm, because painting division in accordance with industry requirements, combined with the creation and design of room space, picture, to ensure that meet the requirements of owners, so that the whole room into the painting of the painting. The painting was used by poly acrylic paint, the paint has no poison, is a kind of environmentally friendly products, and bright colors, so the designs generally true strong, used realistic methods to draw a tree, a flower, a character is true to life likeness, artistic characteristic, people find everything fresh and new. The poly acrylic paint and one of the important features of this pigment was soluble in water once, that is when the painting can be mixed with water, dry is not soluble in water, so will not be affected with damp is not afraid of water, usually the wall up. ( can use a damp cloth to wipe. But at present the hand-painted wallpaper and wall sticker prices relative to more expensive, because it is the artist to create elaborate painted, but if in your new house had a can body reveals your personal taste, but also to give a warm room, fashion, romantic and full of personality and wonderful interior space.
From the artistic point of view, the wall painting has its unique artistic value in it, and each of our work are design meticulously for you who will design, our performance is designed and a unique sense of.
A lot of wallpaper and wall sticker price is low, but is really able to skillfully decoration and artistic sense, I think these are very difficult to do. The wall painting in the history of several hundred years of history, and enduring, this is the artistic value of painting wall.
From a practical point of view, wallpaper and wall are fixed shape, and wall surface should be smooth, paste should be noted, technology is not very difficult to attachment of a successful, as the results would have been much worse if the wetting deformation of long time will be, but the wall painting can draw at any wall surface, and according to the specific circumstances can be arbitrarily changed, by a professional artist drawing, with higher values and appreciation of artistic effect.
Is a plane repeat pattern consisting of large decorative materials, there are a variety of materials and technology of breed, have mature use of ideas and the extensive use of customer base. The overall pattern of easy and decorate environment integration, but also the lack of personality. The style of the decoration for the public. The wallpaper itself is very environmentally friendly but a drawback is that the glue is not environmental protection, different grades of wallpaper price difference is very large, poor quality of the wallpaper easily broken; once stained with oil for cleaning; general wallpaper on the wall and the indoor humidity higher, if the humidity is too big, very easy to wet cracking yellow.

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