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Wallpaper paste should note

Wallpaper using code:

In 1, after the wallpaper paste, the doors and windows closed 2-3 day, allow the wallpaper to natural drying. Remember not to turn up the heating and air-conditioning equipment, in order to avoid strenuous contraction caused by slit wallpaper.

In 2, in the wet season, should be in the daytime to open doors and windows, preventing damp gas attack.

In 3, the wallpaper has certain scrub resistance, therefore, if the stain, use soap or other cleaning agents gently rub altar.

In 4, the embossed wallpaper, can be separated from 2-3 months vacuumed a.

In 5, do not pay attention to chair, table and other hard object impact or friction wall, lest the wall was destroyed.

Take care, you use wallpaper decoration room, in a few years later, can maintain a beautiful, clean effect.

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