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Buy wallpaper time matters needing attention

Select the wallpaper with a focus on
Many consumers in the purchase of wallpaper wallpaper beautiful color was deeply attracted, but buy the home of paste, always has a vague uneasiness. Mr. Liu told us, wallpaper, color and pattern can not only by their own time preferences, also need to consider the room other furniture and decoration style. Wallpaper, decorative effect with a focus on: match will get twice the result with half the effort, but neither fish nor fowl, or even an invidious. Fortunately, Mr. Liu in the purchase of the wallpaper when caught, rainbow 5 1 promotional offers, not only free access to the rainbow designer provides a set of matching scheme, more in the use of the package to purchase it at a low price to obtain their favorite products.
Environmental problem is worth to take seriously
Now home environmental protection increasingly attention, consumers through various ways of understanding Jiezhuang environmental indicators, become almost half an environmental expert, and Mr Liu is one of them. According to Mr. Liu said, in part because it is not environmental protection wallpaper base paper used to contain formaldehyde, printing pigment contains many poisonous volatile compounds, in inferior powder is a large number of harmful chemical substances. And like a rainbow that meet the state standards, access to quality certification wallpaper brands, is the choice of formaldehyde free natural plant fiber paper, volatile matter only water vapor water ink printing pigment and natural plant starch glue, the human body will not cause any harm. Consider the home less than 1 years old child health, Mr. Liu also specially selected environmental protection performance is more outstanding resistance to formaldehyde powder, the powder is the rainbow patent powder, does not pollute the environment, but also can absorb the air free of formaldehyde containing component, is to ensure that residential environmental protection weapon. Mr. Liu said, wallpaper paste from good has been almost 1 months, home without any smell, family's body has never been unwell.
Can not be neglected in the construction services
Due to the particularity of the wallpaper products, consumers are more difficult to their random paste, the manufacturers provide after sale service is very important. Mr. Liu said, rainbow manufacturers to provide service to people is satisfied, one day completes the wallpaper paste, paste after the wallpaper formation, within 3 metres of almost no gap. In contrast to friends at home the wallpaper paste, in the distance can see the gap, the more determined the choice of the correctness of the rainbow. More god-given is, construction workers left when the trash on the ground in detail the clean up and away, the little details make Liu feeling very much.

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